About Us

Jack M. Rosoff Hebrew High School

Educating 8th – 12th graders


Grades 8 through 12 provide an excellent opportunity for our  young adults to learn the value of their place within their community. Trips to nearby Jewish landmarks, participation in community-wide fundraising events to benefit charitable organizations and the study of Jewish values, tolerance and respect for others are all significant components of the Rabbi Jack M. Rosoff Hebrew High School curriculum. Our Hebrew High School curriculum is taught by our clergy and by dynamic and experienced Jewish educators. Learning Jewish values does not end with the B’nai Mitvah and membership in our synagogue is not a condition of enrollment in our Hebrew High School. Attendance at our Hebrew High School through grade 12 culminates in a meaningful graduation ceremony.


Our Hebrew High School is a great place to make and continue friendships, strengthen Jewish identity and give back to the community. Classes include: Comparative Religions, Ethics, Community Responsibility, Bible and a Senior Seminar with the Rabbi. Our program features social activities, field trips, community service opportunities and scholarships to visit Israel. 


Hebrew High School meets on Sunday mornings from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. For further information: Please contact Michael Wikes, Director of Education, at 732-842‐1800, ext. 213, or