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Date:Sunday, February 23, 2020

Time: 11:00am

Theology and the History of Anti-Judaism in a Children's Book?

Discussing The Inquisitor's Tale with Newbery Honor-winning author Adam Gidwitz and medievalist Lauren Mancia.

Join New York Times bestselling author Adam Gidwitz, and his wife, Lauren Mancia, medievalist and Assistant Professor History at Brooklyn College, to discuss Gidwitz's Newbery Honor and Sydney Taylor Award-winning book for young people, The Inquisitors' Tale. The Inquisitor's Tale is set in France in 1242, and tells the story of Jacob, a Jewish boy who has fled his burning village; William, a young monk on a mission from his monastery; and Jeanne, a peasant girl who hides her prophetic visions. These three unlikely allies are on the run to escape prejudice and persecution and to save Talmuds of France from being burned by King Louis IX. Gidwitz and Mancia will discuss the background of this rich historical adventure, the theological questions the book raises (including Why God Would Let Bad Things Happen to Good People), the little-acknowledged tradition of multiple perspectives in Medieval thought, and how children's literature can thoroughly and responsibly explore incidents of anti-Judaism beyond the Holocaust.

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