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Date:Sunday, December 17, 2017

Time: 05:00pm

Chanukah Dinner Party with Musical Entertainment



Please join CBI for our Chanukah Festivities this year!


We are looking for sponsors for this event to help defray the cost to CBI and allow us to make the event free. All donations are welcome at any amount! Please let Emilie Kovit-Meyer know if you would be interested in becoming a sponsor.


We are offering the following sponsorship levels:

“Candle Lighter” - $72

“Dreidl Spinner” - $180

"Ma'oz Tzur"     - $360

“Judah Macabee” - $1,800


Kindly RSVP to Emilie Kovit-Meyer, CBI Executive Director, to RSVP for the Dinner party or if you would like to help CBI out by becoming a sponsor for this event!

Emilie can be reached at or please call the CBI office at 732-842-1800.